Alex Stott

Alex Stott

Finance Director

As Finance Director at KISPE since 2019, I cover financial, commercial and contractual matters both internally and externally with suppliers, customers and partners.

I enjoy working within the space sector – the opportunities and the challenges are huge and worthwhile!

My professional designations and accomplishments

I am a chartered accountant with a law degree. As a finance professional, I focus on outcomes, working with companies looking to succeed in today's digital economy.

I facilitate their achieving a step change in business performance by identifying and unlocking their fundamental drivers of value.

How I contribute to the KISPE customer experience

KISPE's ethos, embedded within its mission, is to enable partners to bring their ideas to reality.

With this top-down focus on customer outcomes, I measure myself by the real and sustainable increases in the value of the companies I work with, whilst also enjoying each unique set of challenges and interactions along the way.

I am pro-active, quality-and performance-driven, underpinned by a strong commercial awareness, blending contractual, commercial and financial frames of reference.

I possess excellent communication, interpersonal and analytical skills and an international and multi-cultural mindset. I have a flexible attitude, and an ability to perform under pressure.

Get in touch to talk to me about:

  • Visioning activities to identify the best sources of sustainable business value
  • Engaging my passion to align boards, stakeholders and operational teams
  • Developing organisational and team tenacity to gain early traction, secure commitment and accelerate early wins

Contact me to discuss how KISPE can create value for your team.


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