Phil Kinsey

Phil Kinsey

Project Manager

I am responsible for internal projects and the support and delivery of projects for our external colleagues.

I have been with KISPE since February 2020.

Before this I worked at Surrey Satellite Technology Limited for over 20 years with roles in Procurement, Subcontract Management and Project Management.

I like sport and have been a keen footballer and archer. However I tend to watch more than I play these days. I like going out for local walks and am a keen amateur photographer.

My professional designations and accomplishments

I have been involved in over 30 missions during my career; however, my biggest achievement was being part of the bid team for the Galileo FOC project.

I led a small team who were responsible for the tender process of over 15 major European subcontracts: liaising and building relationships with the suppliers, and progressing through down-selection and negotiation through to contract signature. This culminated in the management of three key subsystems for the first fourteen Galileo FOC Payloads.

My experiences in subcontract management led to a move into Project Management where I was lucky enough to deliver both development and qualification programmes as well as operational missions, working across all aspects of the project lifecycle.

How I contribute to the KISPE customer experience

It's great to be working in a small, dynamic company with colleagues who are excited and enthusiatic about what they do.

This attitude and environment is addictive and it motivates me to do all that I can for both my internal and external colleagues.

Get in touch with me to talk about:

  • Project Management best practice
  • Procurement approaches
  • Supplier and consortium management
  • Schedule development and management
  • Delivering on-time, on-budget and on-quality

Contact me to discuss how KISPE can support your team.


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