Company operations

Having extensive experience in developing and growing successful businesses in the United Kingdom and United States, KISPE are able to provide consultancy on various aspects of business operations.

  • Business plan development & review
  • Due diligence
  • Strategic plan & roadmap development
  • Business setup & operation
  • Business system implementation
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Interim executive management
  • UK company setup & expansion
  • US company setup & expansion

Business development & sales

With a proven track record in business development and sales, KISPE are able to provide consultancy and support across the full business development cycle.

  • Market assessment
  • Proposal preparation
  • Sales and marketing strategy
  • Business pursuit
  • Business capture
  • Contract negotiation

Project Engineering

  • System design and integration
  • System architecture and concept development
  • Design and feasibility studies
  • Requirement definition and specification generation
  • Interface control, requirements and verification
  • Design and peer review
  • Procurement and subcontract management
  • Proposal development, evaluation and contract negotiation
  • Programme schedule assessment
  • Risk management
  • Launch vehicle and insurance procurement
  • Frequency planning and coordination