John Paffett

John Paffett

Founder and Managing Director

I am driven by turning ideas into reality. I am an advocate for the responsible and sustainable use and exploitation of space and my career has focussed on progressing that goal, with many achievements that have furthered the vision.

I love the fact that we are involved in a number of innovative space-related programmes across the space ecosystem, including the development of an open source satellite aimed at stimulating the small satellite community and reducing the barriers of access to space.

My professional background:

I believe in making a difference through the application of technology for the betterment and enhancement of mankind; and I believe passionately that everything we do must have a purpose and contribute to the goal of making the world a better place.

During my career working at Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL) I held various project, engineering and senior leadership roles. I was involved in many industry firsts, missions providing communications, Earth observation, technology demonstration and programmes enabling new space faring nations.

I was responsible for the growth of the Communications and Navigation business, and leading the development of capability beyond Low Earth Orbit. I stimulated and delivered the company's involvement in GALILEO, was instrumental in developing SSTL's Geosynchronous Satellite, and was a champion for the development of an entry-level cubesat.

I was responsible for establishing and leading, as Chief Executive Officer, Surrey Satelite Technology US, a US satellite engineering subsidiary of SSTL that secured and delivered a number of missions.

I started my own group of specialised companies, which includes KISPE, KISPE Space and Applied Space Solutions to allow me, with my growing team of like-minded colleagues, to continue to pursue my vision to accelerate the development and introduction of satellite solutions.

In addition I am the Commercial Director for Spaceport Cornwall, with KISPE performing the Project Delivery Partner role; and until Swedish regulations changed in Summer 2021, I was a Member of the Board of Directors for Swedish Space Corporation.

I have a PhD in Electronics and a Bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering, both from the University of Surrey.

How I contribute to the KISPE customer experience

I have 30 years of space systems engineering, project and business management experience, with a proven track record in developing and delivering complex programmes throughout the value chain of the space ecosystem and adjacent sectors.

I am experienced at interfacing with the international community and skilled at developing innovative approaches to meet challenging business needs.

Get in touch with me to talk about:

  • How we can help to fulfil your technical, engineering, business and programmatic goals
  • Innovating and developing novel solutions to challenges
  • Building capabilities and capacity within your organisation
  • Providing multidisciplinary, holistic expertise to support your goals
  • Creating sustainable solutions and businesses
  • Crafting best of breed solutions that address your specific requirements and constraints

Contact me to discuss how KISPE can create value for your team.


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